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In addition to room schedules listed below, you can view upcoming Psychology events on the Department Events calendar.

To view the current room schedule, click on a room listed below.

To make a reservation for one of the listed rooms, email your request to Please include the following information:

  1. Name / number of the room to be reserved  (ex: STB-257)
  2. Start date / time and end date / time for the reservation
  3. Title of the reservation, as you want it to appear on the calendar
  4. Any other details important to your reservation

To view room schedules for the Lewis building, go here. To make reservations for those rooms, contact Janet Hanawalt at



When accessing the room schedule calendars via a mobile device, you may see an error message saying that your browser is not supported.

There are two main ways to address that problem:

1) Install and use the Chrome browser (iOS and Android) or the Firefox browser (Android only). After navigating to the calendar page and receiving the error, access the Settings menu (typically by tapping on an icon that looks like three horizontal lines, which is in the upper-right corner of your browser) and select the option to “Request Desktop Site”. The page should reload and operate normally.

2) Rather than viewing the calendar’s webpage, subscribe to the calendar so that it shows up on the available calendars list within your mobile device’s built-in calendar app. In order to subscribe to a calendar, click on the subscription link below for the calendar you wish to access. Your calendar app should open automatically and prompt you to complete the subscription.

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