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Psychology maintains several mailing lists which allow mass email communication to specific groups within the department.


List Name Click to Send List Members
psychlist All staff, faculty and grad students (includes some emeritus faculty)
  • psych_staff
Only current administrative staff
  • psych_faculty
All members of all faculty groups (includes members of: _adjuncts, _nttf, _tentrack, _tenured and some emeritus faculty)
    • psych_adjuncts
Only current adjunct instructors
    • psych_nttf
Only current non-tenure-track faculty (includes: Research Assistants & Research Associates (and Adjunct / Postdoctoral versions of both))
    • psych_tentrack
Only current tenure-track faculty
    • psych_tenured
Only current tenured faculty
  • psych_gradstud
All current members of all graduate student groups (includes members of: _1styears, _docstud, _masters)
    • psych_1styears
Only current 1st-year doctoral students and 1st-year masters students
    • psych_docstud
Only current doctoral students
    • psych_masters
Only current masters students



  • The full email address for all of the mailing lists above includes “” after the List Name. When manually addressing new messages to one of the lists, you must use the list’s full email address or the message will not be sent correctly.
  • Click on the envelope icon in the “Click to Send” column to the right of any of the mailing list names above to open a new message to that list in your default email program.
    • The envelope links may not work with web-based email clients. Alternatively, you can right-click (or control+click) on them, select Copy Email Address, and then paste them into the “To:” field of a new message.
  • List membership is maintained by the department’s Administrative Executive Assistant (Mischelle Pennoyer). New members are added to (and removed from) appropriate lists, based on a person’s employment or grad student type.
  • To learn more about how the mailing lists operate, view the List Usage page.

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