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Resources for the Psychology Department

Click on one of the topics along the top of the page to browse the available resources. If you can’t find the information that you are looking for amongst the topics listed above, please use the following specialized email addresses to get more information.

Topic Email Address Click to Email Used For
General Information
 Building Maintenance  psychbuilding email_button01 Reporting maintenance issues for Straub & Lewis (i.e. – restroom issues, structural damage, broken fixtures, etc.)
Business psychbusiness email_button01 Questions regarding purchasing, reimbursements, hosting groups and guests, travel planning and expenses, and other business-type needs
 Keys / Access  psychaccess email_button01 Access requests & questions for Straub & Lewis (i.e. – requests for metal room keys or building/room access to be programmed into your UO ID card for the black card readers)
 Room Reservations – Lewis janeth email_button01 Reserving one of the shared spaces in LISB. To view those room schedules, click here.
Room Reservations – Straub psychreserve email_button01 Reserving any of the conference / meeting / instructional computer labs (in Straub only). To reserve one of the classroom expansion classrooms (STB-145,151,154,156,245,251,252,253,254,256) for an event, contact EMU Event Services.
 Tech Support  psychtech email_button01 Reporting technical support issues, submitting purchase requests for new computers (and/or peripherals), and submitting requests for access to network file shares (such as those for a particular research lab).
Department Committees
Committee Chair Click to Email Description / Used For
Committee for an Inclusive Community Brice Kuhl email_button01 The core mission of the Committee for an Inclusive Community (CIC) is to foster an inclusive environment in the Department of Psychology. The CIC does so by providing opportunities to discuss and foster diversity and inclusivity; helping to integrate and strengthen these values in our research, teaching, and mentorship; and collaborating with additional campus resources supporting diversity and inclusivity.
Graduate Admissions Committee Mike Wehr email_button01 Questions about admissions procedures for the doctoral and master’s programs.
Graduate Education Committee Paul Dassonville email_button01 For questions and concerns related to graduate curriculum, requirements and graduate employee (GE) assignments.
Undergraduate Education Committee Sanjay Srivastava email_button01 Covers issues of curriculum and dept policies for undergraduate education.  Contact with ideas about curriculum changes, and to discuss issues such as grading standards, waiving course pre-reqs, perceived unfair treatment, teaching problems, and suspected violations of academic integrity.
  • Click on the envelope icon in the “Click to Email” column to the right of any of the topics above to open a new message to that address in your default email program.
    • The envelope links may not work with web-based email clients. Alternatively, you can right-click (or control+click) on them, select Copy Email Address, and then paste them into the “To:” field of a new message.
  • The full email address for the topics above includes “” at the end (*except for psychtech, which uses “”). When manually addressing new messages, you must use the full email address or the message will not be sent correctly.
  • Messages sent to these addresses may be routed to multiple individuals with primary and secondary responsibilities in each of the areas mentioned.
  • As always, it’s best practice to use your account when sending emails to us. It helps us identify personnel and document transactions.

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